A tribute to Ocean Ranger Disaster - February 15, 1982.
  More than twenty years ago, early Monday morning on February 15, 1982, the giant drilling rig Ocean Ranger capsized and sank on the Grand Banks, 300 km east of St. John's. The entire 84 man crew perished in the violent winter seas, marking the worst Canadian marine disaster in decades.

For most of the 14th the rig was battered by hurricane-force winds that reached 168 km/h and by waves as high as a five-storey building. The rig soon developed a list of 12 to 15 degrees on the port side. In the early hours of the 15th the order went out to abandon the Ocean Ranger for the stormy North Atlantic. Soon after daybreak the world's largest semi submersible offshore rig slipped beneath the wild seas off Newfoundland.

Search and rescue crews battled poor visibility in freezing rain and snow, as well as freezing spray, turbulent seas, and buffeting winds in an attempt to locate survivors. But there were none.

MemorialsOnline remembers the 84 crew who succumbed to North Atlantic's frigid waters on February 15, 1982. We express our deepest sympathy to their families and to let them know the memories of their loved ones live on in all of our hearts.

Click Here to visit the Crew Remembrance Book and light a candle in their memory.
Jim Dodd
Derek Escott
Cyril Greene
Derek Holden
Rick Sheppard
Frank Smit
Daniel Conway
Terrance Dwyer
Fred Harnum
Randy Noseworthy
John Pinhorn
Dennis Ryan
William Smith
Woodrow Warford
Tom Hatfield
Arthur Dagg
Kenneth Chafe
Gerald Clarke
Douglas Putt
Gary Crawford
Norman Halliday
Wayne Miller
Gord Mitchell
Perry Morrison
Greg Caines
Wayne Drake
Cliff Kuhl
Robert Wilson
David Chalmers
Robert Howell
Robert Fenez
Jack Jacobson
Robert Madden
George Augot
Nicholas Baldwin
Kenneth Blackmore
Thomas Blevins
David Boutcher
Wade Brinston
Paul Bursey
Norman Dawe
Thomas Donlon
Joseph Burry
Leon Droddy
William Dugas
Domenic Dyke
Andrew Evoy
Randell Ferguson
Ronald Foley
Melvin Freid
Carl Fry
George Grandy
Guy Garbeau
Regineld Gorum
Capt. Clarence Hauss
Ron Heffernan
Gregory Hickey
Robert Hicks
Albert Howell
Harold LeDrew
Robert LeDrew
Michael Maurice
Ralph Melendy
Ken O'Brien
Paschal Joesph O'Neill
George Palmer
Clyde Parsons
Donald Pieroway
Willie Powell
Gerald Power
Donald Rathbun
William Smith
Ted Staplton
Benjamin Kent Thompson
Craig Tilley
Gerald Vaughn
Michael Watkin
Robert Winsor
Stephen Winsor
Robert Arsenault
Darryl Reid
Greg Tiller
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